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Khamsing Chaleunsouk <>
Canada -  Sat Jan 9 01:18:44 EST 1999

I spent three months in Thailand, from March 27th-June 11th 1998. It was the most fabulous experience of my life. I loved the people and their good nature. Everyone treated me wonderfully, and the education that I gained studying in a foreign country was priceless. After visiting Thailand I knew that I had made the correct decision about my future plans. I will be going into International business upon graduation in June of 1999, and I can only hope to find countries as hospitable as Thailand in my career travels. I thank the country of Thailand and it's wonderful citizens for making my first international. endeavor an enjoyable, memorable, life changing one! Thanks to the "land of smiles!" :-) -- @-->-- Jenifer L. Guskay
Jenifer L. Guskay <>
Thailand -  Mon Jan 11 06:45:27 EST 1999

Hi! My name is Therese and I´m from Sweden, right now we´re doing a work about Asia in school and I choosed to write about Thailand. It´s kind of hard to get information so I seareched on the Internet, I found your page and I hope it is ok that I write. I would be really happy if you could send me some information just normal facts about your country. Thanks, Therese
Therese Johansson <>
Schweden -  Wed Jan 13 06:48:10 EST 1999

Guten Tag, ein befreundetes Ehepaar plant dieses Jahr ein Thailandurlaub. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie uns auf diesem Weg interessante Sehenswürdigkeiten, Unterkünfte und Reiserouten senden würden. Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Thomas Arendt.
Thomas Arendt <>
Germany -  Sun Jan 17 07:43:54 EST 1999

Sawasdee! Wir waren hier (aus der fernen Schweiz)!!!! Kanjana & Rolf
Brian <>
Switzerland - Sun Jan 17 14:47:40 EST 1999

Can you please tell me the dates of the vegetarian festival and the location of this festival.
David A. Barela <>
Thailand - Mon Jan 18 06:48:23 EST 1999

Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Elizabeth and I am a student at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia (U.S.A). I am doing a presentation for my class, and I would love for you to send me some information about the Padaung tribe or "long-necks". I have been searching all over the internet for some information on them, but I cannot find anything. I am really interested in this particular tribe. Please send me some information as soon as you can! Thank you so much! Sincerely, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Grubel <>
Virginia U. S. A. - Mon Jan 18 11:58:41 EST 1999

Dear sir or madam. I'am a student of tourýsm administary and hotel management in TURKEY My mother language is turkish and i can speak english and german.This is my 3rd year in my university and this summer my school wants me to work in a travel agency.So that i would like to work with you.It would be a great experience for me.My training period starts at about july.if you accept working with me you will make my dreams come true. Yours Sinceraly, Emre Dirik, Uludag universitesi , Gorukle kamp, Personel loj. 8 / 4, BURSA / TURKEY. email :
Emir Dirik <>
Turkey - Tue Jan 19 07:12:46 EST 1999

Hi, can you give me some information about krabi: which beach could you recommend for staying, any proposals for hotel accomodation, which places should we visit, any other recommendations for restaurants, bars, etc. we are arriving on 25th January 8.30 h in Phuket. is there a ferry in the morning to krabi and how is the name of the port from where the ship leaves? thank you for all information which you hopefully will send to me. gabriele
Gaby Bauer <>
Germany - Sun Jan 24 09:44:01 EST 1999

Hallo Thailandfans !! Ich war letzten Februar in Thailand und habe einen Rucksackurlaub gemacht!! Von Insel zu Insel und vieles mehr !! War der schönste Urlaub in meinem Leben!!!! Für Tips stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung!!!! Meine E Mail-Adresse: / Also buy!! Frank
Frank <>
Germany - Sun Jan 24 15:01:24 EST 1999

I am very interested in visiting Thailand for a cultural vacation for a minimum of two weeks. Would it be possible for you to send me some information on the attractionS to see as well as something about the Thai culture.] My address is: Tracy Learmond / 2060 A Grand blvd. / Montreal, QUE. / Canada / H4B 2W8 / Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Tracy Learmond
Tracy Learmond <>
Canada - Mon Jan 25 06:53:04 EST 1999

This is a cool site, i think. I'm Mien ( Yao ) i was born in Chiangrai,thailand. i'm now attending in Chulalongkon University persuing my Ph.D. it's really make me feel homesick when i saw the hilltribe people. i really miss them. oh.....i forgot to tell ya'll that i live in Chiangmai now. :)
Farm Yoon Seatern <>
Chiangmai, Thailand Thailand - Wed Jan 27 03:28:23 EST 1999

sup??? Kon Meo....don't ever think that you are tough. if you think you are tought, come to Thailand and let me show you around. sorry.....this message is written to response a silly fool that think he is all that, above.
Viwat Incydaeng <Icy@konmeo>
Bangkok Thailand - Wed Jan 27 03:36:14 EST 1999

Hello again, have just returned from pattaya this month and once again i can not express how well the people there look after me. again the golf courses were in great nick and i only wish i had more time to spend there. if anyone from pattaya should read this please pass on my best regards to all in pattaya who know jim the bizz. cheers
James Aspin <>
Deptford, London England - Sat Jan 30 19:58:40 EST 1999

Searching for a friend in Thailand: I am searching for a friend from Thailand who was a classmate of mine in Manila, Philippines during the 60's. His name is Prasong Kositanondh. We both attended Far Eastern University in Manila Philipines and after graduation, we communicated for a while until I moved to the United States. My e-mail adress is I would appreciate help locate him. Thank you. <Masan>
United States - Sun Jan 31 15:01:23 EST 1999

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Thailand online: Meeting point for all our friends of Thailand. Special information about Northern Thailand: Chiangrai, Chiangsaen, Golden Triangle, Chiangmai, Mae Hong Sorn, etc.