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I love thailand his peoples and livestyle.
Your homepage over thailand is great.
I can go in my freetime to my island of dreams!

Heinz Urs MINDER <>
CH3074 Muri bei Bern, Bern Switzerland - Sun Feb 1 18:04:47 EST 1998
I look now one hour for a Life-Radio from Thailand ,but i did not found anyone with news in Thai-language,I found many pages where they want my money
Dieter Servay <>
Perouse, Baden-Württemberg Germany - Wed Feb 4 17:13:50 EST 1998
I'm glad to see Thaton camp in Mai Ai was finally raided yetserday. Paduang from Burma have bee held there for tourist exhibition the last year. The Karen refugee committee has been complaining about it for the last several months.... Stop slavery now!
serge zdanovich <>
Boston , Massachusetts USA - Thu Feb 5 12:48:13 EST 1998
I am writing a report for a school assignment and need information on the longnecked women. I would appreciate any information you could give me on their culture. Especially the reason for the neck rings and how they work.
Thank you,
Joyce DeSmet

Joyce DeSmet <>
- Fri Feb 2 14:46:21 EST 1998

I was recently in Chiang Mai and had a suit made to measure at Progress Tailor; 31-33 Kotchasan Rd, Chiangmai (Tel 275140 or 282539). I picked up this suit on Monday, February 5th 1998 and my invoice number was 4770.
I am now sorry that I did not have this fine tailor make me another 2 or 3 suits. I would like to order some additional suits and have them shipped to me in Canada. How do I go about ordering additional suits and having them shipped?
I could contact Progess Tailors directly but unfortuantely, I will have a difficult time explaining what I need since I'm not sure that they will be able to understand my request in English.
Could you check with this tailor and ask them how I might order additional suits; method of payment and method of shipping to Canada?
I would certainly appreciate any help that you could give me...
Thank you very much,
Fergus V. Keyes 523 rue Charon Montreal, Quebec H3K 2P4 Canada Tel: 514-935-3769 or (514) 381-1895

Fergus Keyes <>
Montreal Canada - Sat Feb 4 54:51:35 EST 1998
I am interesting in learning thai-massage in Chiang mai. Can you give me some information about schools and lodging in this area.
Best regards, Agneta Lindström

Agneta Lindström <>
Sweden - Sat Feb 7 14:55:49 EST 1998
I am Alice Bordini of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in Geneva.
I am creating a directory of outward Investment Promoting Agencies, i.e. agencies all over the world that promote investment abroad their home country. So, there is any thai agency promoting investments outside Thailand (for example, to Europe, USA, other Asian Countries...)? What is important to me is that these eventual agencies effectively try to push thailandese firms or investors to invest in other country, I am not interested in agencies trying to collect investments from the rest of the world to Thailand.
I thank you very much, and I am looking forward to seeing your possibly prompt answer.
Best regards, Alice Bordini

Alice Bordini <>
Geneva, Switzerland - Sat Feb 7 18:06:10 EST 1998
Greetings to you from Iceland. I have always felt Thailand has some of the most beautiful women in the world... but don't get too distracted, as Thai food is something you mustn't miss! "Nammi Namm" (Means "delicious" (in Icelandic)). I had a nice visit.
Thor Ingason <>
Reykjavik, Ecstatic Iceland - Sun Feb 8 08:37:35 EST 1998
hallo euere thailand seiten im web haben mir sehr gut gefallen . ich findes es echt gut das ihr infos in deutsch habt mfg andreas lange
Andreas Lange <>
Deutschland - Tue Feb 10 15:01:04 EST 1998
Hello, I'm married with a Thai-woman and we want to stay in Thailand soon in the future. We are interested in finding a house to buy or rent in Thailand. If anybody know a correct estate agent please send e-mail to Thank you
Reinhard Wirsing <>
Duisburg, Germany - Tue Feb 10 15:32:00 EST 1998
ALAN MCINTOSH <106416,3406>
BANGOR, IRELAND - Tue Feb 10 17:19:09 EST 1998
Viele liebe Gruesse und willkommen bei uns:
xxx LINK to Martin + Goi EDH-HICK Pasang!

Pasang-Village/Mae Chan, Chiangrai Thailand - Tue Feb 10 21:50:17 EST 1998
EDH-HICK - Martin + Goi Thailand

Blacky <>
Chiangrai Thailand - Tue Feb 10 22:23:23 EST 1998
Kori-Paris: Whitening line, 30 days miracle. No Hydroquinone. No Cortisone. 100% Natural. Distributors wanted. All Asia Pacific. The best you can buy. After 7 years research in Africa. Kori Paris-The quality cosmetics from France
bangkok, bangsue Thailand - Thu Feb 12 06:36:19 EST 1998
SAWASDEE This web site is so good. It is managed by thai people, isn't it? Wat
Chutiwat Sinsub <>
Thailand - Sun Feb 15 07:44:38 EST 1998
Your Home Page is Very beautiful! Piyatida
Chaiyos Treepuwaphrut <>
Thailand - Thu Feb 19 00:14:40 EST 1998
I spent almost two years in Thailand and lived in Chiang Khong and Banglamung. I made many friends and still consider Phra Thet Thai a second home. What I need to know is if there is a homepage for the highschool I taught at in Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai Province. It was called Chiang Khong Vittiacomb. I am interested in contacting the faculty once again. Please let me know... My fondness for Pak Neua is very deep having lived at Wat Mae Kam, 15 kilometers south of Chiang Saen with my friend, Phra Chalerm. I was Lan to Than Pu Ying Chern and Momrachawongse Chusak. I was very close to them when I lived in Thailand. Please let my know about the Vittacomb. Kop Khun Mak! Don Duchene
John W Goodwin <>
Pak Neua, Thailand - Thu Feb 19 15:09:13 EST 1998
I spent the best year of my life in Ubon, 1970-1971. working the AC-130 Gunships during the conflict. How do I go about locating some of the wonderful people I met? I still have a teak elephant given to me by a "samlor" driver. Sawat Dee!
Paul Kotchian <>
East Falmouth, Massachusetts USA - Fri Feb 20 21:38:12 EST 1998
Chiang Mai is the best! I recently came back from my first trip to Thailand. Chiang Mai was the [place we stayed in for 10 days and I enjoyed every minute of it. The places that will be especially memorable for me would be the Karen village and Riverside bar. I love Chiang Mai!!! I hope to go back soon!
Juan F. Gomez, Jr. <>
Thailand - Sat Feb 21 02:13:02 EST 1998
Hi, I am a student at the university of Wisconsin. I am doing research on the effects of hegemony in our community. We have a large Hmong community here, but I am unable to get to the info that I need. I need to know about the war and the effects of the Hmong people. I would like to know about the agreement of the US to care for these unfortunate people. I am very sympathetic to this issue, as my heritage stems from native American and I have been victim of cultural neglect. I have checked out the internet sites on Cambodia and nothing indicates the Hmong culture or the escape/torture/re settlement in America. I would appreciate any help you may be able to offer. I am at school at this time, but when and if you respond, please send a copy to my home email Thank you Annette Schwab

Annette Schwab <>
Wisconsin - Sat Feb 21 02:15:53 EST 1998
Viele Grüsse an Thailand online. Habe noch keine Email Nummer. Melde mich wieder.
Benjamas Reuber <>
Deutschland - Sat Feb 21 14:03:18 EST 1998
I am doing a report on Thai and am sure to come back.
Kat Funck
Baltimore, Maryland USA - Sat Feb 21 14:24:57 EST 1998
Very nice site about Northern Thailand... If you want to visit Thailand soon, why not check out with amazing hotel discounts. Natuerlich sprechen wir auch Deutsch. :-)
Thomas Fischer <>
Phuket, Phuket Thailand - Sun Feb 22 00:44:42 EST 1998
Hello, I am a Swedish architect going to BKK for approximately 6 weeks in July and my intention is to rent a reasonably cheap apartment with kitchen if possible. I read Your article "……." without understanding all of it. Do You eventually have it translated to English? Or do You have any specific recomendations to where to look for an apartment (in the the european sense), any contacts etc. Greetings from Sweden: Pelle Wikstrom, Hokens gata 3, 11646 Stockholm.
Regarding Your site on "lodging" I add some of my findings regarding internet addresses in Thailand. Unfortunately there are no small, single apartments, generally only expensive "condos":

Pelle Wikstrom <>
Sweden - Sun Feb 22 15:48:15 EST 1998
Work Visa's:
Hello, Could you tell me how to obtain a work Visa for Thailand? I'm Planning to take a trip through the area and would like the chance to work in the country if it is possible. Thank you. Brett.

Brett Yeates <>
Lakehead University, - Tue Feb 24 00:39:22 EST 1998
Thai items lost in fire:
I had a wonderful trip to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai about 10 years ago and brought back some items that I cherished and which were lost in a house fire here. I wondered if there is any way of finding out what their value might be so I might settle insurance matters. In addition I wonder if there is any way of purchasing some of these items again by mail. They included Silver filigree necklaces and bracelets from the hilltribes outside of, I think, Chiang Rai. And a set of bronze rooster-style opium weights complete in diferent sizes. Can anyone help. Thanks. ##

M. Hurewitz <>
Thailand - Sat Feb 28 01:51:25 EST 1998
Coming to Northern Thailand:
Hello from Hawaii...My employer, Marvin Dye, is traveling to Thailand and leaving TODAY! He has a small exporting business called South China Sea Trading Company and is interested in getting information on finding unusual handicrafts, carvings, etc. for purchase while he is there. When you receive this note, would you send any information you have, other than the addresses and phone numbers on this web page, to us at the e-mail address below. If we do not receive it before he leaves I can always fax the information to him there. He is especially interested in bamboo items, antiques, and baskets, etc. from the hill tribes. Please send information to me at: Thank you very much, Jilda Loomis

Jilda Loomis <>
Kualapa Cottage - Sat Feb 28 15:38:29 EST 1998

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