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Chedi of Wat Phrathat Chom Thong, Chiang Rai (10.7 K)

Photo: Chedi of Wat Phrathat Chom Thong, Chiang Rai.

SAWASDEE (Thai Airways International, Volume 26, 1997):

"For more elegantly presented data on northern Thailand and Laos, don't miss Thailand online, which is particularly strong on the tiny town of Pai, a trekkers' favorite, as well as Chiang Rai in the Golden Triangle area. This site also contains a link to White Lotus Press which specializes in books about Thailand and Southeast Asia."

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  • Nothing in life happens by chance but everything is part of God’s unfolding plan
  • 0.6 K Chiang Mai, North Thailand  (2.7 K)

    Pai, North Thailand (2.7 K)

    Mae Hong Sorn, North Thailand (2.7 K)

    Chiang Rai, North Thailand  (2.7 K)

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    Books about the following Asian areas and subjects: New and out-of-print books and also old maps and prints (16th to 19th century): Burma, Vietnam, Yunnan, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Northeast India, Central Asia (defined as areas along the silk routes), Himalayas; Natural History: Flora and Fauna, Ecology, Performing Arts, Textiles, Religion and Philosophy, Ceramics, Linguistics. Thailand Books: White Lotus Press Bangkok.

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