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Well...good job this pages...special EDH-Every Day Holiday - my favorite! not forget...
RUBIES, EMERALD, all kind of GEMS from the EXPERT Mr. Cary in Maesai
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Cary Bartholomew <>
Mae Sai, Chiangrai Thailand - Wed Sep 3 08:29:01 EDT 1997
I work for one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the USA and I'm interested in knowing of opportunities in Thailand for leasing, sales, marketing or consulting of office, industrial or investment real estate. Also would like to know more about the real estate market and the demand for office and industrial/warehouse space.
Jack Donahue <>
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA - Wed Sep 3 16:23:56 EDT 1997
I hope to find the companys which have interest in purching coypu. Coypu is a large water rat, kept on fur farm for its valuble fur called Nutria.
Pei Gengsheng <>
Beijing, PR.China - Thu Sep 4 05:04:17 EDT 1997

I hope to find the companys which have interest in purching coypu. Coypu looks like a small beaver. It is a large water rat, kept on fur farm for its valuble fur called Nutria.
Pei Gengsheng <>
Beijing, PR.China - Thu Sep 4 05:09:44 EDT 1997
I am researching a new book called "The Guinness Book of Famous Animals" and would love to hear from anyone with fantastic animal stories, the stranger the better, and from any country in the world. Hope to hear from you soon.
shelley flacks <>
London, England - Thu Sep 4 09:00:13 EDT 1997
I am setting up a Web site the name say it all about Thailand Postage Stamps. I have almost 100's of visitors a day now and it is increasing pretty fast. I am Linking Thailand online to my home page too. hope you will put us on to your link page.
Any one who thinks that Thai stamp site is useful to you, welcome for link exchange.
Please visit me often, we have many beautiful old and new Thai stamps update all the time.
Have a nice day.
Sathon K.

Sathon Koshpasharin <>
Bangkok, Thailand - Thu Sep 4 21:43:22 EDT 1997
Very useful site, and thanks to Martin+Goi for the advice on Lao visas.
Look forward to seeing you in Thailand.

Gavin Spittlehouse <gavin.spittlehouse>
Bristol, UK - Fri Sep 5 04:22:47 EDT 1997
Deodorant Crystal for Brazil
Please send me as soon as possible addresses or phone/fax number of industries of deodorant crystal ( from alumen) from Thailand. Many thanks and regards. Bye!!!

Recife, Pernambuco Brazil - Fri Sep 5 15:57:46 EDT 1997
I was wondering if you knew of any web sites that have translations for the Lous language in English, or anything els helpful?
Matt Cleveland <>
Portland, OR USA - Fri Sep 5 21:09:13 EDT 1997
Love to all of Thailand and the King and his people.

Christine* <>
USA - Mon Sep 8 19:47:40 EDT 1997
I'm looking for chat rooms in Thailand, and would like any help in getting the address. Thank you in advance!
Nuntawood Smith <>
Kentucky U.S.A. - Wed Sep 10 17:10:40 EDT 1997
I am a pipe collector and would like to know of any sources where I might be able to purchase an opium pipe (new), however, I have not seen any here for sale in the U.S. If anyone knows of a source, please let me know. Thank you.
Jason <>
Nashville, TN USA - Thu Sep 11 02:33:14 EDT 1997
A warm hello from the city of the Masters Golf Tournament.
Enjoyed your page very much, keep up the good work....
My wife is from Thailand and visit there about every other year. Would love to hear from people from around thailand and the world.....
Hope to hear from some of you soon.
Good luck with your page,

augusta, georgia united states - Fri Sep 12 17:32:33 EDT 1997
Is there somebody who cann tell me if Thailand knows a social system like health insurance, holiday pay and so on. If so, how does it work ? Is there allso somebody who knows if is possible to learn Thai in the Netherlands ? In am interested in all subjects which has to do with Thailand.
Karin Heilen <>
Woerden, Netherlands Thailand - Thu Sep 18 13:22:20 EDT 1997
Dear sirs! Does anybody know something about Thailand's forests. Is it possible to plase my tent somwhere in the forests? May be sombody had such experience?
Ilia V. Gourevich <>
Sankt-Petersburg, Russia Thailand - Sun Sep 28 16:41:00 EDT 1997
We have just come back from a wonderful trip through Thailand and Laos.
Michael Rauck <>
Okayama, Japan - Mon Sep 29 11:55:17 EDT 1997

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