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Our family intend to travel to Northern Thailand (June '98) and are seeking any infomation on the region all, URLs greatly appreciated and any special deals. Thank you!
John <>
Maffra, Victoria Australia - Wed Apr 1 05:57:07 EST 1998

schön und sorgfältig gemacht - gefällt mir gut. Weiterhin viel Erfolg.
Michael Heyer <>
Berlin, Berlin Germany - Wed Apr 1 13:06:16 EST 1998

Seeking for Thai fighting chickens farm: I'm a Hmong people live here in the America looking for Thai fighting chickens. Please e-mail me if you know of any farm that raise those type of birds. Thanks, Kham. (e-mail at:
Kham <>
DEC, Hudson Ma., America - Sat Apr 4 01:33:33 EST 1998

Hi. Trying to find info about MU KO CHAN, but so far I have been unable to. I´m interrested in any info about the Island, nature, religion, beaches and so on. Tank you very much beforehand. Staffan Jonsson. e-mail:
Staffan, J. <>
Sweden - Sat Apr 4 13:14:59 EST 1998

Eure Seiten im Internet: Bis jetzt ganz gut, mal sehen was noch nachfolgt. Die Thematik gibt ja einiges her. W. Hess
W. Hess <>
Sirirat Travel, Deutschland - Sun Apr 5 11:57:06 EDT 1998

Ich vermisse seit längerem meine Thailändische Freundin, sie ist auf einmal spurlos verschwunden, wer kann mir helfen ??? Bitte. Ihre Daten: Ratree Orehovec, zuletzt gesehen in Duisburg und Oberhausen. Sie hat schwarze Haare und ist 26j. alt. Bitte helft mir. Thomas Tel. +49234866575
Thomas Hellmann <>
Bochum, Deutschland - Mon Apr 6 11:22:44 EDT 1998

just new updates out 1.4.98 - neue updates seit 1.4.98 - es lohnt sich reinzuschauen! Happy travel Martin and Goi
Martin + Goi <>
Pasang, Chiangrai Thailand - Tue Apr 7 11:17:15 EDT 1998

Please help: Hello, My name is Lanna Thai Walsh. I live in San Diego. CA. In the United States. My mother is from Thailand and used to teach at the University of Chiang Mai. I'm doing a report on Chiang Mai for school and I'm trying to find information on the history of Chiang Mai. I haven't found a lot so maybe you could help me. Maybe you know of some websites that have information on the history of Chiang Mai. Your photos on your website are very helpful! I remember going to the Night Bazaar when I visited Chiang Mai about five years ago, it makes me really want to go back. Thank you very much for your help. Do you have internet address of the University of Chiang Mai? Sincerely, Lanna P.S As you can see I'm named after the historic "Lanna Thai Kingdom." P.P.S My address is:
Lanna Thai Walsh, Walsh Family <>
San Diego, CA USA - Wed Apr 8 00:23:36 EDT 1998

Hi. I am doing a research paper on Thailand. It interests me very much, and I would really like it if maybe someone could send me some free little pamphlets or information on Thailand. I am especially interested in its religion, and its business. I would greatly apprecitae it. Please report is due in 3 weeks!!!! Thank you so much for your time, and for your willingess to help me. Write me back with yers or no, and I will then give you my name and address. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Adams <>
USA - Fri Apr 10 08:15:08 EDT 1998

Hello from Holland: Hello my name is Mouy and I live in Holland with my husband SEE you write letter in Thai soon Praphatsorn and Frank Poleij
F.E.R. Poleij <>
Holland - Sat Apr 11 13:50:16 EDT 1998

Vietnam War: Help!! I need info about the United States Army and Air Force bases and units stationed in Udon Thani during the Vietnam War!! Any information, no matter how small would be appreciated. Please help me - this is a life and death matter!
juliet "the general" mahmoud <>
central, USA - Sun Apr 12 04:03:14 EDT 1998

I have been living in Thailand for more than 5 years. I just came back and my mind is full of spirits of Thailand. I never will forget these wonderful years. When ever I have the opportunity I want to come back. Sawadee khap.R.L.
Rainer Lutz <>
Flensburg, GERMANY Thailand - Mon Apr 13 16:16:33 EDT 1998

Hi! your guy have some interesting picture out there. I hope to see more of Laos and especially Vientiane next time. Keep it up you doing prety good so far.
Mar Saysanavong <>
Binghamton, New York U.S.A - Thu Apr 16 14:45:53 EDT 1998

Help needed please: Osama Tradings, Helsinki Finland, Tel and Fax 358 09 4584410. Hello, Please we will be very grateful if you can supply us with information relating to companies manufacturing soccer equipments in Thailand. We need to know about companies producing soccer items like jersey, shorts, boots and ankle,kneel and thigh protections for soccer sports. A quick reply will be highly appreciated. Sincerely yours, Mike Ogunbor
OGUNBOR NOSAKHABE <Nogunbor@Sato.Helsinki.FI>
Helsinki Finland -  Mon Apr 20 13:23:28 EDT 1998

I have a friend,David Burns whose mother is Perm (Nick name Noi) Wonghratoke who is from Thailand. His father was in the Air Force and would like to have any information that might be helpful in finding her! Her last known address was Chock chai Ban Kratoke Ban4 Moo9 Thailand. Province Nakornrajsima (Korat) If you could give me any help like where we could find a possible phone number it would be appreciated. David Burns was born 11-11-67. Thank You Winston
Winston Wilson <>
New Braunfels, Texas US -  Tue Apr 21 23:13:47 EDT 1998

I will study at Chiang Mai University in the fall '98 semester. I am very interested in hill tribes and environmental issues. The Akha Foundation web page was very exciting for me. I intend to visit such groups while studying at CMU and after I finish. I'm especially glad that the Foundation works with the group to decide how cultural preservation should proceed. Right on. Troy Santos.
Troy Santos <>
Santa Cruz, California USA - Thu Apr 23 01:22:21 EDT 1998

Thailand ist mein absolutes Lieblingsreiseland, an zweiter Stelle steht Vietnam. Unser erster Besuch in Thailand bescherte uns allerdings ein etwas unangenehmes Erlebnis. 1993 waren wir unter anderem im Norden unterwegs in der Nähe von Chiang Mai und unternahmen eine Trekking und Raftingtour. Beim Raften sind wir überfallen worden und mussten ernsthaft um unser Leben fürchten, da die Diebe mit Gewehren und Macheten bewaffnet ware. Einem Guide wurden zwei Rippen gebrochen, in dem ihm der Knauf des Gewehres in den Rücken geschlagen wurde. Unsere Gruppe bestand aus 10 Personen mit 3 Guides, es kamen noch andere Touren dazu. Die ebenfalls angehalten wurden. Wir wurden komplett ausgeraubt. Die Rauber waren dann allerdings urplötzlich verschwunden. Der Grund 4 Italiener hatten Creditkarten, mehrere Dollar und etliche Bhat dabei. Das hatte die Diebe wohl ausserst zufrieden gestellt. Es war zwar schon ein einschneidendes Erlebnis, aber wir setzten dann trotzdem unsere Reise fort und fuhren auf Ko Phangan, Thong Taipan Noi Beach. Dort haben wir dann den Schrecken überwunden und konnten Thailand wieder in vollen zügen genießen. Seitdem versuchen wir unseren Urlaub wenn möglich in Thailand zu verbringen. Wir lieben dei Khoa San Road und das Hello-Restaurant und die Thais überhaupt. Tja, so ist das :))
Dani Theuner <>
Darmstadt, Germany Thailand -  Thu Apr 23 12:06:28 EDT 1998

Recently the Swiss Cultural Club "SIAM TRAVEL CLUB" from Zurich sent two Swiss transvestites to Bangkok for further surgery. The two "ladies" have been living in Zurich - as women - for the past 9 years. However they wanted to make themself more beautiful than their were already. Siam Travel made all respective surgery appointments with the world-famous Dr.Preecha. Also all travel arrangements were made by Siam Travel thanks to their excellent and cheap flight tickets. Presently the two "katoys" are under the surgery knife - further news will follow shortly. Advise any views
Siam Travel Club <>
Zürich, Switzerland -  Fri Apr 24 14:21:59 EDT 1998

TRAVEL QUESTION: Good-day from Western Australia! In several months time,we will be visiting Northern Thailand and are interested in knowing if it is possible to go by road/river from Thailand to China - either by Burma or Laos?? I understand that there was talk about a ferry operating to Kumming, but I have not had news on that. Any information you could send me would be much appreciated. Several years ago, we did visit the Northern area of Thailand and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for your help. David Hough,, P.O. Box 1103, East Victoria Park, Western Australia
David Hough <>
East Victoria Park, Western Australia - Content-type: text/plain Sat Apr 25 02:22:12 EDT 1998

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich werde in einigen Monaten dienstlich nach Laos versetzt werden. Habe einen 15 jährigen Sohn, welcher z.Z. die 9. Realschulklasse in Deutschland besucht. Wissen Sie, ob es in Laos eine internationale Schule, bzw. Privatschulen ermöglichen ausländische Kinder eine Schulbildung zu ermöglichen? Über eine Rueckmeldung oder Information jeglicher Art in dieser Richtung waere ich Ihnen dankbar. Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Harry Nordmann
Harry Nordmann <>
Deutschland -  Sun Apr 26 08:21:46 EDT 1998

Hallo, . . . gute und interessante Seite . . . nicht schlecht . . . wenn ihr Lust und Interesse habt werft einen Blick auf meine Seiten und/oder tragt euch ins Gästebuch ein :

EurolloEurollo >    Für den aktiven Sporttaucher, Urlauber und/oder Genießer

Rollo on Tour <>
Patong/Phuket - Thailand, Thailand - Sun Apr 26 13:20:02 EDT 1998

Hi out there, I ought to say that this is a nice page. I would be very happy, if anyone could send us more information about Thailand, cause we need this for school. For so long.... CU Tammo Hunger + Daniel Koenitz
Tammo Hunger + Daniel Koenitz <>
Emden, Germany - Mon Apr 27 11:19:16 EDT 1998

edh-hick - welcome to every day holiday - at hilltribe-internet-cyber-kitchen in pasang-village northern thailand - diamond quadrangle - visit our site!:

edh-hick <>
Pasang, Chiangrai Thailand - Mon Apr 27 23:54:28 EDT 1998

Dear Thailand online, I need some information about Thailand. The information in which I need a itinerary explaning how to get to the capital city ( I need it as acurate as possible), what I need to know about the country before I get there, what problems they are having, how it started, and how they plan to solve that problem. If you can send me this information it would help me so much. Thank You. ( It would be very helpful if you can respond before Thursday April 30, 1998.
lance sonner <>
- Tue Apr 28 00:02:51 EDT 1998

Hello! We love Thailand! I have been twice with my wife in your beautiful Country! The first time was during november 1989 and we made a very long trip of abount 1 month from Bangkok up to Golden Triangle by bus, then back to Bankgok for flying to the fantastic island of Phuket. It was a great experience indeed, maybe a little "turistic-oriented", so we decided to return on February 1991 on our own, i.e. without any pre-organization from Switzerland. We spent an excellent time in your Country, with the people there, under every point of view, and when we want to remember the best place of our many trips around the world, we always think on Thailand. An old Italian proverb says: there is no TWO without a THREE: (free translation), so we really hope to fly again to Thailand. Ciao. Riccardo and Luisa Moriani
Riccardo Moriani <>
Ticino Switzerland -  Wed Apr 29 00:50:16 EDT 1998

I am interested in anything you might be able to tell me about Korat cats, also known as Si Sawat cats in Thailand today. Breeders, numbers, anything - a picture might also be nice. Thanks for your help, Camilla
Camilla Baird <>
Denmark -  Wed Apr 29 17:13:19 EDT 1998

I am looking for a female pen friend from Thailand Laos or Vietnam. My name is Robert, I am 34 jears old and I am from Austria. I would be glad receiving any E-Mail or letter from out there.
Robert Schlacher <>
Vienna, Austria -  Thu Apr 30 16:35:53 EDT 1998

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