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I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and was adopted by an American family. I would love to know more about the country I came from. I changed my last name back to my birth name. I would like to find my biological mother who gave birth to me December 26, 1969. She was 19 at the time and her name is Chit Kemthong. If anyone can tell me how to go about this search, let me know.
S. Kemthong <>
Hyndman, Pennsylvania USA - Tue Dec 2 21:33:02 EST 1997

Hallo Thai Peoples ! Í`m new in Internet. I want to stay for a longer time in Thailand. My favorit coutry is pattaya. Can anywere give me more Information of this city and the lifetime,there. (sorry my english) I want contact with Thai Peoples in Pattaya, via email. Thank you very much Ralf
ralf sirch <>
tuerkheim, germany - Sat Dec 6 19:26:01 EST 1997

Hello my name is Pla Xiong and I am a student at Yale University. I am from Appleton, Wisconsin, but I was born in Thailand. My family came to the United States as Hmong refugees a few months after I was born. I was wondering if anyone had any information about the immigration of Hmong people to GERMANY? I traveled to Germany as an exchange student my senior year of highschool, and I was curious as to whether there were any Hmong people living there. If you have any information, please email me.
pla xoua xiong <>
Appleton, Wisconsin USA - Mon Dec 8 16:01:42 EST 1997

I have a thai friend who lives in california, she goes to school there. she has told me of a nice beach area in thailand. i think the name is pattaya? I would like to get some more information. any suggestions? al
al stenberg <>
southampton, pa USA - Mon Dec 8 20:40:21 EST 1997

I am a teacher currently with 21years continuous service since 1976. Up until 1992 I was a deputy headteacher in a primary school. Since 1992 I have worked with adults teaching English as a Foreign Language in particular groups from Thailand via UCE in Bangkok. I correspond with many students in Thailand in paricular Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I can if required forward my cv through e-mail. Many thanks for your help. Best wishes Gary Salton.
Gary Salton <> - Wed Dec 10 14:15:01 EST 1997

This is very helpful informations I need just for do some little research. Keep up the good work.
Christopher Bolibol <bolibolc@hcc.Hawaii.Edu>
Community College, Hawai Honolulu - Wed Dec 10 14:20:56 EST 1997

I am interested in establishing contact with the leather trade in Thailand. I am an exporter and buying agent for various overseas buyersPlease send relevant information to Archana Saraf 1 Sarojini Naidu Sarani Calcutta 700 017,India Phone - 91 33 2478474, 91 33 240 4055 Fax - 91 33 4793810 Email -
Archana Saraf <>
Calcutta, India - Sat Dec 13 00:56:03 EST 1997

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T. Sato LewisCom

LewisCom <catbird>
Dallas, Texas USA - Sat Dec 13 19:24:00 EST 1997

hi. nice website. its the only good one about thailand.
Jen Hopkins
thunder bay, Ontario Thailand - Fri Dec 19 09:38:05 EST 1997

I am going to Thailand on an exchange soon and would love to talk to anyone who has been there before! E-mail me! Thanks. Kelly Scott.
Kelly Scott <706878>
Sudbury , Province Ontario Canada - Sat Dec 20 00:08:10 EST 1997

CHAIYA NGAMHAM Will someone please help me find him! The last I heard he was in Germany, but I lost his address and would love to find him! Thankyou for any assistance you can provide me with. Yours truly Kelly Scott
Kelly Scott <706878>
Sudbury , Province Ontario Canada - Sat Dec 20 00:15:47 EST 1997

Hi, It's Nartaya Thongpasuk here calling all friends of " ONE WORD FAMILY " and all graduates of Mass Communicattions Arts, Chulalongkorn University, year 1979. If anyone see this massage and recognise me please E.mail me at the following address ''. I'm living now in Germany, in a little town near Frankfurt. By the way, I'm taking a holiday and will be visiting home in Thailand from 2-24 Jan 98. I'm reachabe at c/o my sister phone in Bangkok 02-4113363. bye for now and have a very happy new year !!!
Nartaya Thongpasuk <>
65779 Kelkheim/Ts., Germany - Sat Dec 20 10:59:18 EST 1997

this is one of the best websites i have found on thailand.
paul normand
calgary , alberta canada - Sat Dec 27 15:04:06 EST 1997

I'm heading to Thailand in a few days. My daughter and I plan to spend a few days, yes, that's all we have, but less is better than none. I had hoped to get hotel information on thissite,but did not get what I wished. Oh, well. I still enjoyed browsing. Keep it uptodate. thank you. Regina
Regina Oakland <>
Pusan, SouthKorea - Sun Dec 28 04:13:33 EST 1997

I am trying to find a way to contact a company in Chiang Mai to purchase some of their furniture. It has been a couple of years since I was in Chiang Mai and I do not have a fax number or telephone for their business. The name of the company is Sangsan Manufacture. Their address was No.255/4 Chiangmai-Sanpathong Road, Amphur Hang Dong, Chiangmai, 50230. The name of their reprentative I spoke to was Mr. Charoui Na Soonton. If you can e-mail a fax number or telephone number to me, I would appreciate your help. Jim Lynde e-mail:
Jim Lynde <>
Orlando, Florida Thailand - Sun Dec 28 10:38:21 EST 1997

we are a importing business in Germany, and are looking for thai silk products and handicraft items. please contact me per e-mail if you can help or give me some contact addresses.
Ingelin Wich <>
stuttgart, Germany - Wed Dec 31 10:54:00 EST 1997

Sawaadse Well done our Pages I got "Fernwehkrank" while i have been looking on that Sites. Been to Thailand many Times. One of the nicest Country with the most nice People i ever seen. A very good Year 1998 Greetings Martin
Martin Rhyner <>
Switzerland - Wed Dec 31 15:00:04 EST 1997

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