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The guestbook is a very good idea. Thailand is my secand home. I have been there first, about 20jears ago and I'm married with a Thai lady. A very nice place for relax is the island SAMUI. The most important beach is CHAWENG BEACH. My e-mail adress will be change on 05. May.
Jürgen EDEL < >
Hamburg, Germany -  Fri May 1 14:22:19 EDT 1998

Ein Tip: Ein sehr gutes und preiswertes Restaurant in Bangkok, Soi 12, Sukhumvit ist das CABBAGE & CONDOM. Dort sitzt man außerdem gut (klimatisiert oder im Biergarten) Ca. 300 in die Soi 12 reingehen und dann rechts (von der Sukhumvitroad kommend).
Jürgen Edel <>
Hamburg, Germany -  Fri May 1 18:25:32 EDT 1998

My family is loooking for a house to rent (4-5 beds) in Hua Hin for three weeks later this year. It should be located near the beach.
Adam <>
Thailand -  Sat May 2 13:23:59 EDT 1998

I would love to receive more info on Thailand. I am very interesed on learning about Thailand and it's culture. I'm Hmong and I was born in the USA. I would love to visit Thailand someday.
Annie Kue <>
Providence, Rhode Island USA -  Thu May 7 08:01:05 EDT 1998

I was born in the USA but would love to visit Thailand...I am very interested in Thailand. I hope i could go visit sometime soon. I would like any kind of information on Thailand if you could send any. I'm Hmong and my parents came to the USA from Thailand but they lived in laos. I would like info on the music and the movies plus about all the cities in Thailand. It would be very helpful..Thank You!
Annie Kue <>
Providence, Rhode Island USA -  Thu May 7 08:03:13 EDT 1998

I have new e-mail adress:
Jürgen Edel <>
Hamburg, Germany -  Sat May 9 09:25:27 EDT 1998

Hallo thaifreunde im internet!!!!! ich suche Chats in thailand, wo auch deutschsprachige drinnen sind. bin fuer jede infomail dankbar. tschuess euer noeggi
noeggi <>
luzern, ch -  May 10 13:45:52 EDT 1998

We will be visiting Thailand in November 1998. Would appreciate any information, travel tips. special promotions, etc. anyone is aware of. Enjoyed the page.
Al <>
Spring Lake, Michigan USA - Tue May 12 16:43:09 EDT 1998

Hi from South Africa I grow Orchids as a hobby,and would be interested in importing some Dendrobiums and would appreciate growers contacting me and sending details of Orchid availability to:- B. Simms P.O.Box 681 Randburg 2125 South Africa
Brian Simms <>
Thailand - Thu May 14 14:29:41 EDT 1998

I am really impressed with your website. Hope that you will complete it soon as I've long been interested in the cultures of Northern Thailand.
I am planning to go to Chiang Mai in June. Can you please enlighten me as to whether is it the right month to go? I heard that June is a month of heavy rainfall and it may not be suitable for trekking and river rafting - two of the activities that I planned to do at Pai or Chiang Mai. Your reply would definitely be most useful in helping me plan for my trip.
By the way, I had a wonderful experience travelling in Thailand (Phuket) 13 year back. My brother was down with severe stomach cramps and was rushed immediately to one of the small clinics in Phuket. The doctor upon hearing that my brother was a tourist who was in a rush for time to go back to Singapore, gave my brother the right to consult him (the doctor) as the first in the queue. The queue at that time was quite long in fact. The most touching thing was that in the end the doctor refused to accept a fee for the consultation and even the medicine. I didn't have a chance to thank the doctor, but because of him, my brother was able to enjoy the trip to James Bond Island and Penang later on. I am indeed impressed with the hospitality of the Thai people.
OK that's all. Hoping to hear from you.
With Love Kwok Hua

Guohua <>
Singapore - Sat May 16 16:39:12 EDT 1998

Thai Stamps

I would appreciate any help iI can get in contacting the Thai Postal Service in order to purchase stamps and souvenir sheets directly. I may be reached at the following E-mail: or
Anthony McTighe
477 Homer Ave
Longwood, Fl 32750-6722
Thank you.

Anthony McTighe <>
Thailand - Sun May 17 09:39:57 EDT 1998

Hi, I'm thinking of traveling to Thailand soon and would like any information that you could send me that would be helpful for the planning of my trip. Thank you very much. Nikki
Chuck Kopelson <>
Mon May 18 13:07:15 EDT 1998

Just wanted to tell you that your Trains information (Chiang Mai) was accurate, and indeed told us just what to expect (i.e. may be difficult to get trains on holidays, need to book in advance, and that 2nd class sleepers are clean & comfortable, and that air-con can be cold - that was the only time I needed a sweater). Thanks . . Dewi Williams, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
Dewi Williams <>
Kanata, Ontario Canada - Mon May 18 13:43:21 EDT 1998

Ich habe heute, 98-05-19, diese Seite gelesen und hoffe, dass mal jemand antwortet.
Ralf <>
Berching, Germany Thailand - Tue May 19 07:43:45 EDT 1998

Would you please be so kind as to provide me with some advice on Thai names from the Korat province? I have a young Korat kitten and I am looking for an authentic name to give her. My preference would be for a historical name that is easy to say in English. I understand that Korat cats are also rare in Thailand but they originally were provided as wedding gifts and are thought to bring luck to a marriage.
If you are able to provide any advice, I would also ask for the phonetic spelling so that I can properly pronounce the name. I do know that "Jai" means heart and would be probably be pronounced CHYE or CHAI (like Indian tea).
Thank you very much for any help you can provide for my nameless kitten.

Janis Strathearn <>
Canada - Thu May 21 02:54:05 EDT 1998

Swadi kap
Phom Jü Gerhard Geibel
Phom mah chak STUTTGART Jörmanie
Phom keui ju ti Pahk Nüa pramahn 10 bie
Sanuk di
Chok di lai dö!
Yin di ti luchak khun

"ypawarat" <>
Germany - Sun May 24 04:47:43 EDT 1998

wir haben unsere seiten neu upgedatet...schaut mal rein....welcome to pasang! martin und goi

in Northern Thailand

martin und goi <>
pasang-village, chiangrai thailand - Sun May 24 10:46:40 EDT 1998

Hello, hätte gerne Information gibt es Möglichkeiten als Ausländer Wohnung oder Haus zu kaufen? Was für Probleme gibt es wenn man einen längeren (drei Jahre) Aufenthalt in Thailand verbrungen will? Visum ? Muss eine gewisse Summe Geld vorhanden sein? Arbeitsbewilligung? Vielen Dank, Andreas
Andreas Clemenz <>
Italien - Mon May 25 11:26:56 EDT 1998

Pak Neua: I spent almost two years in Thailand and lived in Chiang Khong and Banglamung. I made many friends and still consider PhraThet Thai a second home. What I need to know is if there is a homepage for the highschool I taught at in Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai Province. It was called Chiang Khong Vittiacomb. I am interested in contacting the faculty once again. Please let me know... My fondness for Pak Neua is very deep having lived at Wat Mae Kam, 15 kilometers south of Chiang Saen with my friend, Phra Chalerm. I was Lan to Than PuYing Chern and Momrachawongse Chusak. I was very close to them when I lived in Thailand. Please let my know about the Vittacomb. Kop Khun Mak! Don Duchene,, John W Goodwin
Don Duchene <>
Thailand - Tue May 26 06:40:44 EDT 1998

I love Thailand.I love Phuket. Hello Mr WIWI on Phuket Island. Mfg Hans-Günther Reithmeier
Hans-Günther Reithmeier <>
84184 Tiefenbach, Germany Thailand - Tue May 26 13:30:49 EDT 1998

Ich möchte die Thailändische Sprache lernen, giebt es was auf CD oder im Internet bitte um E-Mails Danke
Reto <>
Wettingen, Schweiz - Tue May 26 16:42:41 EDT 1998

Climbing around Chiang Mai?

Hello! We are planning a 4 week long journey to Thailand in December. We are very interested in any information you may have about trekking, climbing and rafting in Northern Thailand, especially in the area surrounding Chiang Mai. Looking forward to your answer! Best regards, Thomas Godawszky and Kristina Åkesson
Thomas Godawszky <>
Sweden - Sat May 30 01:50:03 EDT 1998

Please provide us the update information of Bangkok Attraction during day and night time. This information page hasn't been updated since December 1997. Regards, Apasara S.
Apasara Sitti-arjarn <>
Bangplee, Samutprakarn Thailand - Sat May 30 05:55:29 EDT 1998

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